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Carole a. Feuerman

Carole A. Feuerman (born 1945) is an American sculptor and author working in Hyperrealism. She is one of the three major artists credited with starting the movement in the late 1970s. She is the only woman to sculpt in this style. Her career is highlighted by iconic figurative works of swimmers and dancers. She has been included in exhibitions at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery; the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; the Venice Biennale; and Palazzo Strozzi Palace in Florence, Italy, among others.

Growing up in New York, Feuerman was deterred from being an artist. She attended Hofstra University, Temple University, and graduated from the school of Visual Arts in New York City to begin her career as an illustrator. During the early 1970s she went by the artist’s name Carole Jean, illustrating for The New York Times and creating album covers for Alice Cooper and the Rolling Stones.

In 1981, Feuerman was chosen by a jury at the Heckscher Museum in Long Island where she exhibited. After this she was invited to participate in the ‘Learning through the Arts Program’ at the Guggenheim Museum.


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“Through my sculptures I convey my feelings about life and art. It is far easier for me to express my emotions through sculpture than through words. In this way, my work speaks to the viewer, evoking both an emotional and an intellectual response.”

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my hyperrealist life and legacy

The world knows Carole A. Feuerman for the amazing sculptor she is, but few come to know about her behind the scenes. This book will take readers to a journey of inspiration, determination, and faith that Carole underwent to reach where she is today.

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Carole A.


Published By Carole A. Feuerman: 50 Years of Looking Good

The most comprehensive monograph to date on major American artist Carole A. Feuerman, a pioneer of hyperrealism in sculpture lavishly illustrated and covering Feuerman’s entire career spanning five decades, featuring more than 200 works Carole A. Feuerman is celebrated as a pioneer and one of America’s major pioneers of Hyperrealism in sculpture, alongside Duane Hanson and John De Andrea. Born 1945 and educated in New York and Philadelphia, she began as an illustrator before turning to sculpture in the 1970s, soon gaining much recognition and early success. Her work has been displayed in many group shows and solo exhibitions at private galleries and public museums, as well as at major art fairs, in America, Europe, and Asia.


Carole A.


Published By Carole A. Feuerman (THE ARTIST BOOK): Swimmers

Realist sculptor Carole Feuerman’s human-figure sculptures express a refreshing perspective on modern life’s mundane but intensely personal activities. Her powers of observation and versatility are expressed through various materials that include marble, bronze, vinyl, and painted resins; she also incorporates both ancient and contemporary methods in the creation of her works. Feuerman’s treatment of the figure on paper is also explored for the first time in this new collection.


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my hyperrealist life and legacy

Watch the official trailer of the autobiography book that is based on one of the most iconic sculptors in American history, Carole A. Feuerman.


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